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Solved Flexera Kubernetes Agent - Docker File (Creation)

We are in the onboarding stages for deploying the Flexera Kubernetes Agent in our AKS environment.  Before we can publish the docker image (flexera-krm-x.y.z.tar) into our internal registry (ACR), our Platform DevOps Team has insisted that we create ...

davidle by Level 7
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Upload Inventory to FlexeraOne without using a Beacon

Hi,just wanted to ask if someone ever tried to upload .ndi files directly to FlexeraOne without using a beacon?So basically something like this:FlexNet Agent generates inventory -> ndupload.exe uploads generated .ndi file to https://data.flexnetmanag...

Solved Zero-Footprint Inventory

Is Zero-Footprint Inventory available for ITV?  The available data sources for ITV list "FlexNet Inventory (NetDeploy Inventory)" as an option, but wasn't sure if that meant deploying the agent. Customer is looking to do agentless inventory with ITV....

vmware guests without a host

Is there an standard view or an easy report to show my vmware guests without a host?  I can run the vmware clusters report and scroll through and see the red marks by each guest that doesn't have a host, but with a large environment this seems very s...