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Solved Adobe Single apps purchase, how to connect licenses correctly

In all its wisdom, Adobe has created a "goodie bag product" called Single App which means you buy a certain number (X) of Single App and allocate for example a number of Illustrator users (Y) and another number of Photoshop users (Z). As long as Y+Z ...

INgrid by Level 5
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Solved Linking Installed Application to License Record

Created a license record and specified basic downgrade rights to application, but installed application still not linking to the license record? I'm not seeing it under Consumption tab. It's weird because on the Installed Application tab shows that i...

maryle by Level 5
  • 10 replies
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Solved Agents are auto updating after upgrade to 2019R2

I've opened a Critical issue but not getting any response from support. Maybe someone on here has some ideas they could share.I upgraded from 2018 R2 to 2019 R2 on Friday night. Ever since the upgrade the agents on devices are not upgrading and are g...

Solved How to configure multiple bootstrap servers

Hi CommunityWe have so many different network setups in our company, so I'm looking into the best way to setup multiple bootstrap servers. I want to ensure that the clients get their policies/schedules if some network paths are not available to that ...

mag00_75 by Level 8 Champion
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Agent only inventor only Hardware not the Software

Hello,I have noticed that the .ndi files only contains hardware information and not any software information.When I look in the tracker.log I see the following execution.Program arguments are '/opt/managesoft/libexec/ndtrack -o InventoryType=Machine ...

FrankvH by Level 6
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How do I link an unlinked virtual machine?

This is an issue for customers using Flexnet Manager Suite 2018.Inventory of the virtual environment is collected by vCenter, but inventory cannot be collected regularly due to customer circumstances.And, each time a new Virtual machine is created, i...

sinage by Level 3
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Connecting FNMEA to FNMP

Hi, Can anyone point me to getting this working in the Flexera documentation? The online help mentions seeing  an Engineering Apps agent page in the Data Collection group on the beacon. The beacon as installed on my FNMS server has no such connection...

Solved SQL 2008 to SQL 2016 migration

Hi, I'm planning for an upcoming SQL server migration.  I'm trying to anticipate potential problems. I'm not doing any in place upgrades.  I have a new SQL server and admin server that is going to use FNMEA 2019 R1. The old SQL 2008 server was using ...

Oracle VM Manager Service API Calls

Hello,When integrating with Oracle PCA, my understanding that there are two kinds of integrations needed.Integration with the Oracle VM Manager web services in order to enable full capacity calculations.Install inventory agent locally on VM hosts in ...