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Solved! ELI5 how I link a purchase order to an asset

Hi there,  I am using the Flexera Beacon to import a large number of purchase orders against existing assets.  Now under the assets, i can update some aspects as I can use the serial number to match against existing data.  My utter confusion comes in...

HCL BigFix 10

Will the current ILMT SQL adapter work for BigFix 10? The reader does not seem to reference v10, only the various versions of 9. Is the schema the same? How come I don't see the adapter files in my downloads? It seems to be missing from the zip file....

Oracle Business Adaptor

Hi Everyone!!!I am trying to make a connection to an oracle database to extract some data.I have downloaded the Oracle Provider for OLE DB needed to make this connection.The client has provided the information to put in the tnsnames.ora which is alre...

Solved! Schedule Business Adapter with Beacon

I want to schedule my Business Adapters, but I can't see the Business Adapter tab in the FlexNet Beacon software as showed in the Business Adapter Practice Guide.. 

Solved! Business Adapter SQL Query - temp table?

Hello all,I'm playing with a new business adapter to import data into my database, but I get an error.  It references a temp table that I use in my query, so I'm guessing that the Business Adapter Studio does not like that?I can always import the dat...

Solved! data mapping template

Hello,The Business Adapter Practice Guide makes reference to: "A data mapping template is a tool we use to map existing data sources to the FlexNet Manager database for use when building our business adapters. The template contains all available fiel...

ReganL by Level 4
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Solved! Import Device Assets with Flexera Spreadsheets?

I imported a server list using the Flexera Computer.csv spreadsheet template but it appears the records were created in the 'Inventory' instead of the 'Device Assets'. Is it possible to use the Flexera spreadsheets to upload 'Device Assets'?or Do I n...

ReganL by Level 4
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