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Java ARL Evidence Files

We have attached various Java Platform applications to our Java licenses and we are seeing some ARL generated file paths from Application Properties > Evidence > File that seem out of the ordinary.For Oracle Java Platform 8.0.281 Standard, under Appl...

Solved! Issue with Last Inventory Date

Hello, Can someone please help me understand the discrepancy between the last inventory date of Oracle Instances and the last inventory date of the last inventory source? Thank you. Regards, Faten  

Primavera Project Mgmt usage

Can Flexera capture Primavera Project Management usage? I can see installs of the application but all the usage details are "No".What is the recommended process to manage this product, do you have to collect data from the server instance and import v...

Oracle Utilities products

Hi Members,Hope you all doing good and healthy. Any suggestions on how to deal with Oracle utilities products/applications and is it possible to manage this category through FNMS? or is it a portal base application for monitoring purposes where we ca...

Solved! SWID Tags

Hi Guys,Do you know if agent collect SWID Tags from Softwares? I Would like to get this SWID from each software we dont have a populated field with this data in FlexNet... Do you know if can i get it on DB or upload SWID Tags to FlexNet?

FNMS: Oracle options not well recognized

Hi,We have deployed  a Flexera 2019 R2, beacon, agents version 2019 R1.2. ARL, PURL, PUR from 18/10/2020 so is included ARL #2502) In windows 2016, we have problems recovering the following options in Oracle 18c:Real application Cluster: on...

Solved! SunOs - Oracle database multitenant

Hello community,We having problems recovering the consumtion of  various tenants in multitenant Oracle database in a SunOs - Solaris 11.  Oracle database 12c R2.Before we had Flexera Agent 2017 R3, in order to detect all tenants we upgraded to 2019 1...

Oracle database in docker container

Hello Community,I wanted to ask you how do you approach the following case. I did today some investigation into oracle unspecified edition, and I found out that in a docker container is an oracle database 18c with unspecified edition. I know that the...

IATrack success stories

I’m curious to know if anyone has had success using IATrack with Hyperion.   Some info that would be helpful is:What version of FNMS are you using?Are you confident the application user information IATrack provides is accurate?Was the implementation ...