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Refresh Token generation getting failed while Trying to integrate O365

HI Forum,


We are using the Cloud version of FNMS for one of the customer and when trying to do microsoft 365 integration We are trying to generate the refresh token and getting the error as attached in the screenshot.

The remote server returned an error:(401) unauthorized error.

The service account used for the Beacon login is different(xyz.svc) and the account(zxy.svc) for office 365 integration is different which Azure administrator created in AAD and gave it required roles. We are calling the   App registered on the Azure and using the method 2 for integration suggested in the documentation from Flexera.

Any one faced a similar issue and any suggestions.




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Flexera Alumni

I see that you were trying to use the register your own application in the Azure portal. So you must have followed the steps in this link: If so, try not following the step 6a in the article, save the settings and then come back to beacon and attempt to regenerate the token.

Let us know if this helps in resolving the issue.


Hi Alpesh,


What should be done in place of this ?


Hi Rohit,

You just need to skip that step. We have put in a request to update our documentation.


Hi @Alpesh ,

Thanks for the suggestions and guidance . simply using the default values populated in the 365 integration adapter and with required permissions from Azure, the refresh token is generated with out any issues and may be modifying the Authorization Endpoint , Application ID and other fields might have created the issue.

Not sure how to identify what caused the issue.