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Does Flexera supply a auto discovery tool?

Hi, we are currently running Flexnet Manager Suite for license compliance. We are also running IBM's TADDM (Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager) for discovering CI's and their relations. We are wondering if Flexera has any kind of auto di...

bleepie by Level 6
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IBM SPSS Statistics Packages

I am inquiring to see,  if FlexNet Manager has the ability to identify  IBM SPSS packages (Modules), i.e., Customs Tables, Forecasting, Regression, etc.  Or does it only report on Base, Standard, Professional, and Premium packages? 

Solved! Agent upgrade

Hi,I’m using an older agent version and I need to update to more recent.Do i need to remove agent to install another one? Or can I subscribe (update) installed agent?Is it possible do it with SCCM? Just create a new package and apply to environment w...

ISMP Evidence Showing Up (when we don't use ISMP)?

Investigating a potential false positive on Apache log4j. The reported evidence type is ISMP (InstallShield Multiplatform) coming from the FlexNet Agent, as the only source reporting (we also co-run BMC Discovery on these servers). The odd thing abou...

sissonr by Level 5
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Discovered Evidence

I've been looking at the difference between Installer Evidence and File Evidence within FN Manager. Two questions:1. Within our system, we are currently seeing about 4x more Installer Evidence than File Evidence. What are the likely reasons for that....

sissonr by Level 5
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Solved! Empty Hosts not shown in the report

Hello,I am building a Custom Report for all Virtual Machines (with OS), Hosts (with COREs) within all Clusters across the environment. However - Hosts that are sitting EMPTY, with no Virtual machines, will NOT show within the results when running the...