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SKU Library extract in excel

We are using FNMS 2023 R2 on-premises, which does not have the SKU Library as a tab like the recently updated FlexeraOne. I am wondering if we can access the data in the SKU Library in Excel format until this feature is made available for on-premise ...

Solved Batch Updates

Hi ,I have 3 batches of PCs with 3 different Warranty end dates.Is there a slick way of pointing an Asset , to one of 3 warranty dates?Thank you in advance  Simon 

Agent automatic deployment upgrade log

Does fnms produce a log during the automatic agent upgrade feature, and if so where?We are looking for entries for our failed agent auto upgrades. For example we have 1k+ that successfully auto upgrade to the version we specify, but a portion have fa...

Flexera agent issue

Hi,We have an agent installed on a server, , the agent has inventoried the server but can't upload the inventory to the beacon, we get "Error 0xE0500005: Host name lookup failed".I'm struggling to find a solution on.Is there any troubleshooting steps...

MacOS installer evidence

Hello, In an inventory file coming from a laptop running MacOS I see following lines:<Package Name="Java Virtual Machine" Evidence="ASPA" Version="15.0.3" InstallDate="20240507T080144"> <Property Name="Architecture" Value="x86_64,arm64e"/> <Prope...