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Flexera Inventory Beacon Issue after migration "Download failed: Could not download item from server\inventory-beacons/api/ download/importer-ml. Server returned Redirect"

Hi all,I cant open the Flexera Inventory Beacon after migrating from 2021 to 2023R2. There is this redirect error message mentioned in the Subject. Does anyone know this issue and can support here? Really appreciate it 


ndtrack failed to compress inventory

Hi,We're on the process of upgrading our deployed Inventory Agent from v15 to v21 (2020 R1 to 2023 R2). A first test on one VM isn't successful with a problem related to WMI.  A .ndi file is generated, but the compressed version is not so no inventor...

Solved Data Flowchart

Hi, Is there a Data Flowchart in any of the Flexera Documentation , to show the relationship between Device, Asset, Inventory, Application , License ?Thank ee

Solved How to gather VMware Inventories automatically by setting up internal rules and using subnets for FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2?

Hi,As we have FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2 installed in our environment, currently VMware inventory gathering is being done manually using ESXQuery Agent from Beacon Server.But, we would like FlexNet Manager Suite 2018 R2 to collect VMware inventori...

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Application End of Support Date

Hi All,I really did want to help myself once our installers departed , but alas no.I would like to add an End of Support date to a piece of Software (HexChat) , but it says uneditable due to ARL.How could I resolve this please ?My wild stabs , inc cr...

Unrecognized File Evidence

Hello Team,Please provide SQL query to pull 'unrecognized file evidence' from FNMS Compliance Database. Flexera version is 2023 R1 in our environment. From UI, it is taking very long time to get the 'unrecognized file evidence' and it is going to hun...

Splunk Applications not available in ARL

Hello Team,It has been identified that below Splunk applications are not available in  ARL v2801 in our environment. We are using FlexNet Manager 2023 R1 On-Prem SLM product.IT Service IntelligenceEnterprise Security for DNS Netflow Data GbEnterprise...