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Upgrade Rights


i'm trying to enter some proof of entitlement into flexera for a product called IconJar (V1.x)

We are entitled to any of the subsequent .releases right up to (but not including) v2

This license isnt already showing for us in Flexera's libraries So i have therefore created it. I've triedto add this restriction into the use rights and rules section of the license properties however i do not appear to have a suitable option. I can select "Support upgrades to a selected version" however the only two options in here are "not allowed" which obviously isnt right or "latest version" which also isnt correct given our upgrade rights detailed above.

Is there an alternative location where this restriction should be added or is my access limiting additional options within this screen?

Many thanks in advance for any help, Kirsty 

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Since you have had to create a Local Application for this, I would recommend that you normalize all of the raw 1.x evidence to create a single Software Title of "IconJar 1".  In other words, it would not matter if version 1.0, 1.4 or 1.8 is installed, they would all normalize to this single software title.

You could then create your software license without any Upgrade rights.  Once a Software Title is created for "IconJar 2", this would not consume against the license.