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Non-transferrable Licenses

We have a couple vendors whose license model is a user license tied to an individual, and for which we are not able to reassign that license. For example if we assign 20 licenses to users, then 10 users leave the company and 5 new users join, we have to purchase 5 additional licenses, as those 10 are unable to be re-used.

Our ideal solution is to either switch vendors or get the vendor to change license models, but if we're unable to do that, we're unsure of the best way to handle this in FNMS.

Our thought it to create a Named User license and manually allocate/unallocated the users, but we're not sure how to reduce the entitlement when a user is unallocated.

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Hi Allen,

Interesting use case, you are spot on NamedUser will be good starting point as license entitlement is locked to a user.

Regarding reducing entitlements, There is no automated way to take sub-set of entitlements, how about user set the user status to "On Leave"  for users who left the company and leave them allocated to license and use allocation consume license option.

This will give you total entitlement purchased including those are cannot be reused (user left) and consumption will also include all the users (including left).

At the end you can use report to exclude consumption with user status "On Leave" and take away that count (User On Leave as user left) from purchased entitlements.

Hope this will help.



One way to track "dead" entitlements for this license scenario is to create a 'dummy' purchase record with a negative PO quantity.  For example, "Employee ABC" has been assigned a license and leaves the company.  You can create a dummy purchase record with an order quantity of -1, and in the item description have a reference to "Employee ABC has retired.  Entitlement is no longer valid".

Once this purchase is linked to your license, the Purchase count of the license will be decremented by 1.  When you hire a new employee to replace "ABC", you would purchase a new entitlement and link it to the license.

I also agree that the "Named User" license metric is the best option for this scenario.

You can also Move Maintenance to a retired license. That way the license entitlement is no longer counted.

Erick Hacking, CSAM, CHAMP
IT Software Asset Manager, Lead Sr.