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Applications for Acrobat 2017 Pro/Standard licenses

(there was already a post for 'Acrobat 2017 Pro/Std license setup' but was closed, so submitting a new post)   'Installed Application' list has only one application Acrobat 2017 Unspecified. 1. We have Acrobat 2017 Pro as well as Acrobat 2017 Standar...

nalinih by Level 6
  • 9 replies
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Solved! Adobe Non Software Purchases

How do we enter in FNMS Adobe purchases which are not software or maintenance? Example are: Adobe Sign for ent ProSvcs Subs: DCE TRN Adobe Stock Credits PUF Adobe Sign for ent ProSvcs Subs:SVCS T3   Thanks in advance!

Solved! Adobe CC recognition

Hi all, i have created a CC license (User metric) with CC 2020 application attached. Now, a Device appears with the installations you see on the screenshot (CC 2019, CC 2018, Photoshop 2020 and Dreamweaver 2020). The last two installations arenot cov...

m2019sam by Level 5
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Flexera PURLs

Hi -  Where can I find documentation or KBs around PURLs? What they do? What publishers have them? Etc. Thanks!

jbursch1 by Level 5 Flexeran
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Solved! Adobe Single apps purchase, how to connect licenses correctly

In all its wisdom, Adobe has created a "goodie bag product" called Single App which means you buy a certain number (X) of Single App and allocate for example a number of Illustrator users (Y) and another number of Photoshop users (Z). As long as Y+Z ...

INgrid by Level 5
  • 6 replies
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Solved! Adobe Acrobat 2017 Pro/Std license setup confusion

I was having some issues with my Adobe Acrobat 2017 licenses so I decided to delete them and recreate them. When Flexera recreated the licenses using the SKU from the vendor Flexera set up the Pro license to be able to downgrade to Standard. I don't ...

Solved! 'Applications' for Acrobat Pro XII (DC 2015) License setup

(Apologize if this question has already been covered in different post; did not see anything related directly, we are not using FlexNet Agent) Not seeing any consumption for Acrobat Pro XII (DC 2015), currently has Applications : Acrobat DC (2015) Ac...

nalinih by Level 6
  • 6 replies
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