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Solved! Flexera Agent/Becon Update

Looking for the best practice for the update of the Flexera.Should we need to keep the Agent and beacon to be same version for the good performance? Should we need to update the beacon first or agent?  or it doesn't matter which update first? 

Solved! After FNMS 2023 R1 Was Installed, My 2023 R1 Inventory Beacon Would Not Load Business Adapter Templates Because Folders Were Missing on the FNMS Server

Hi all ...I ran into an issue where my Inventory Beacon would not load the business adapter templates (the stuff that’s normally expected in the DDI folder).  Everything on the Beacon was working fine, except I could not create any business adapters....

Solved! After Upgrade to FNMS 2022 R1, Beacon List Says All Beacons Have Connectivity Issues. But Open a Specific Beacon's Details and the Details Page Says The Beacon is Operating Normally.

Hi all ...I successfully upgraded my production environment from FNMS 2019 R1 to FNMS 2022 R1 last week.  Everything appears to be working properly, yet there is one issue that I can't seem to resolve.When I go to my Beacon list, the page says that e...

BeaconListIssue.jpg BeaconDetails.jpg

Solved! ELI5 how I link a purchase order to an asset

Hi there,  I am using the Flexera Beacon to import a large number of purchase orders against existing assets.  Now under the assets, i can update some aspects as I can use the serial number to match against existing data.  My utter confusion comes in...

Solved! Question About Agent Schedules

Hi all ...My current agent schedule is set to daily, with a start time of 2:30pm, with an offset ("commence within") set to 2 hours.  This schedule was set up before I assumed responsibility for my deployment.Doesn't that mean that inventory is only ...