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IBM UrbanCode Deploy

We have 4 IBM Products in the UrbanCode family.  Each of these products has a different SKU, however, the primary application for all of them is the same.  This is likely why we are likely getting no consumption on any of the products.  Is this. problem with the SKUs/ARL?  Not sure I understand how 4 different product SKUs report same primary.  This is a problem for us when trying to provide a compliance position.  Any idea how to correct this?


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I don't know anything about this UrbanCode particular software, but in response to the comment "Not sure I understand how 4 different product SKUs report same primary":

It is common - even usual - that an entitlement to use one bit of software ("primary application") can be purchased under different SKUs. For example, most of Flexera's own applications have some 10s of SKUs that they can be purchased under. Different SKUs will normally have different commercial details associated with them, while the underlying software programs in use are the same.

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How do I count consumption?  I assume Flexera is mixed up trying to decide where to report use with 4 entitlements pointing to the same primary application.  This may be a question for IBM.