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Covered By Related Product

I've asked this question before but I have to ask it again.  We show a number of devices within an entitlement with the tag:  "Covered by Related Product" .   What product?  I have no idea how to even begin to guess which product is covering the entitlement.  Can someone offer a suggestion to figure out which product is covering the entitlement?  This feature is useless to me and has cause issue during a recent audit.  I couldn't answer which product.  I understand bundling and I understand some use (especially in IBM World) is covered by another product.  I put the exemptions in place if needed (normally not), but this is not helpful.

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Please check Chris' response to Exception reason "Covered by related product" and verify if it explains your findings.


I have reviewed that response and it still doesn't help us.  I understand the why of it, but it doesn't help when I am trying to answer to someone the what.  I have absolutely no idea what product is "covering" said entitlement.  I've tried digging around to figure out which product might be covering.  It's concerning because this came up in an actual publisher audit and I couldn't answer them as to which product was covering the entitlement.  This happened again last week as a result of a manual exemption being placed on our Lab Hosts.  Done as a test to see if the exemption would filter down to all VMs underneath.  Instead, it threw that exemption:  "Covered by Related Product".  Maybe it's the verbiage being used more than the exemption as these VMs are not covered by a related product but showed exemption base on the Host.  


I figured out a workaround.  Since we do not include any lab devices for calculating consumption of entitlements, by trial & error,  discovered if we place the hosts in an ignored state this quickly and easily removes any VMs under those  hosts from consumption.  We have a very small number of lab hosts so it works perfectly and reporting is cleaner when they are ignored.  An added benefit of course is not having to review each entitlement and make manual exemptions, it's automatic.