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Billing centers allocation rules based on account name

I have a Billing Center A with several rules based on account names
I have created several rules, let's say 5 .  to organize/group  visually the accounts per rule
Costs related to the 5 rules are well allocated to Billing Center A

In Billing Center A, I have create several Billing Centers ... A1, A2, A3, ...
When i want to dispatch costs from A to A1, A2, ... using Account names, I just see in the list of available names, the account names related the the first allocation rules of the parent Billing Center A.
I should have the account names of the 5 rules related to A....

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Hi, I'm not entirely clear on the challenge here, if you're available then i'd be happy to have a quick call to discuss your issue and help resolve.  Please feel free to reach out to me -