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IBM UVU Licensing Server Installs

Company has a number of IBM UVU licenses.  What is the best practice once "host" servers are identified with primary app installed?  Currently these servers are listed in the unlicensed installs.  We are trying to clean up the unlicensed installs but was not sure if "host" servers should be allocated to an IBM UVU license.

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It's probably a bit uncommon but I think that you need to provide more details for the forum members to be able to provide guidance, e.g., how is the license PUR configured, was it changed from what the SKU automatically generated, is all consumption allocated manually, etc.?


Example:  P/N D09SX4LL - IBM Content Manager OnDemand Authorized UVU

Based on this P/N, the license consumption is based on IBM UVU.  Great for consumption of users, but what about the servers the software is installed on?  This is what I refer to "host" servers.  If the license does not identify the servers under the Consumption section, how do you identify the "host" servers associated with the license?  Since the license isn't showing the "host" servers under consumption, they are listed as  unlicensed installs. 

Our Flexera One team wants to resolve unlicensed installs for all commercial applications.  Most of our servers do not have a user identified and the license is not showing the servers unless we get creative.  One method we're trying is to assign the server to the application owner.  This seems to work and then we just exempt the server from consumption as "Host server only".

What is the best method for doing this?