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SAAS Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We have integrated But we have another instance that uses URL, which isalesforce marketing cloud.  There seems to be no documentation related to this.  Do we integrate this with the existing salesforce SAAS integ...

schilnr by Level 5
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Billing_Center_Admin & enterprise_manager

Currently the Billing_Center_Admin role is only available at the organization level.My company is made up of many independent business units from all over the world. We create sub billing centers for each business unit and give business unit users ju...

awarack by Level 2
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Dashboard and Reports based on location?

Hi, Our organisation operates in a number of markets who each manage their own software deployments. We're using both FNMS and IT Visibility to manage the estate and need to provide views of the data split by market.  This is no issue with FNMS as it...

IT Visibility Normalization

IT Visibility is not listed as a board - I have a question about IT Visibility Normalization.  In the demo, we were shown how to view which discovery items were taught to what normalized product name by drilling down on the discovery data.  How do we...

kolson1 by Level 3
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Allocation Rules update for GCP

An update has been made to Billing Center allocation for Google Cloud Provider. In some cases Google does not assign a Project Id to items. Optima now supports allocating these costs to Billing Centers by cloud account for costs that are not assigned...


FNMS cannot fetch device name from AWS.

Hi,We have an AWS setup , for which device name details are not  captured. Instance id, instance type, MAC Id, etc. details are captured in cloud service provider inventory.RegardsNikhil

Solved Adjustment Program Visibility to Non-Admin Users

I've read through this: have an adjustment program for AWS EDP. Since it's taking a blanket percentage off of everything vs. how it's applied in reality, I was hoping to be able to exp...

Getting Started with SaaS Manager - 5 Key Set-ups to Get Started

Our customer success team has compiled the most helpful steps to take in setting your organization up for success in identifying and understanding your SaaS landscape. Welcome aboard!  Validating Application Access/Adding UsersHR Roster Setup Manual ...

KPBussey by Flexera Alumni
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