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Flexera one and Cloudscape / Foundation

how Flexera one platform is different from Foundation / CLoudscape 


any comparison chart available ?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Flexera One is a SaaS platform which provides a wide range of capabilities to help manage hybrid IT environments.

These capabilities are broken down in to the following broad categorizations:

  • IT visibility, including business service mapping (which is a capability you may be familiar with under the older product name of "Foundation"), CMDB data quality, data normalization, end of life/end of support analysis, and application rationalization.
  • IT asset management, including SaaS management, software asset management, software request and reclamation, and hardware asset management.
  • Cloud migration and modernization, including cloud migration planning, cloud cost assessment, and workload placement. These capabilities include the sort of things done by the product that you may know under the older product name of "CloudScape".
  • Cloud cost optimization, including cloud cost management and cloud governance.
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