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Inventory change i cannot explain - flexera one


One of my techs asked me about some servers in flexera one which are shown as VM Host, but are not.

I said i would take a look, the server was first imported from Altiris, then later we installed the Flexera agent, which aligns with this message in the Inventory history for the device

So my question is, what in the flexera agent  inventory would change a device from computer to VM Host?


Inventory device type was changed from Computer to VM Host

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

Do these happen to be Windows devices and if so do they have Hyper-V enabled? If so, that will cause them to report as a VM Host.

not just limited to Windows, i have an example for Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 7.9 device which was a computer, changed after flexera agent implemented to VM Host


Note, we are checking the windows device now if set as Hyper-V enabled

Do your Linux devices have KVM enabled? You may want to open a support case and provide an NDI from the device and the team can then point out what is causing the device to report as a VM host.

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

As @tjohnson1 has suggested, it is likely that the FlexNet inventory agent has gathered some data about these computers that show they are able to run a virtualization technology and host host virtual machines. For example,  if Hyper-V or KVM is running on the machines then they are able to host VMs, and so get classified as a "VM host".

Data gathered and imported from Altiris is likely not sufficient for Flexera One ITAM to be able to identify virtualization technologies with the same precision that can be done with data from the FlexNet inventory agent, which would explain why the inventory device type only changed once the FlexNet agent inventory data was gathered.

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