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SaaS Manager and ServiceNow

Hi there,We're currently a cloud FNMS customer and are running a business case of managing SaaS products using ServiceNow as an example.The FlexNet agent returns nothing on ServiceNow so the current return on investment for this vendor is very low. I...

Re: Adjustment Program

thanks for your response.But i am not a it possible to add a policy in the catalog that I could use?.regards

Re: Optima for Kubernetes clusters

Hi there - this is currently under consideration. I would be interested in hearing more about you + your use case to take into account during our discovery process. If this is of interest to you, please shoot me an email and we can set some time up t...

Optima for Kubernetes clusters

Hi,While supporting multi cloud billing does Optima have plans to support billing related to Kubernetes clusters specific to the cloud providers in AWS, Azure, GCP as also for Openshift/Rancher kind of platforms as part of its roadmap. Thanks.

Solved Is there an on-premise hosting option for Optima?

Hi,If the customer is sensitive to the data and doesn't want to host the cost spend analysis etc on the SaaS environment , is there an option to host this on premise after buying the product ( Optima) .Thanks. 

Adjustment Program

Hello I would like to create a new adjustment row ( For example the currency adjustment for August )I don't see the possibility to create a new line on the interface How can i create itthanks for you help

EMEA SaaS Applications

Get ready for it…we are! In 2020 Q3, Flexera is working on setting up SaaS Manager in an EMEA data center so our friends in EMEA can manage their SaaS applications and experience the success our North America customers have seen. As we work towards g...

arossiaky by Flexera Alumni
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FSM Never Login User activity meaning

Can someone please explain the concept of of never active in FSM?I understand it means the user has never logged on to saas application, but what i need to understand is how old data would saas manager bring in for a saas application.If a user previo...

Optima Billing Center API

I would like to connect to the Optima API to pull billing center time series data for spend by service. Unfortunately I am not able to find documentation to support that. Has anyone had success with this and might be able to point me in the right dir...

Solved Unable to change display name of custom tag in Optima

We initially set up a bunch of custom tags in Optima to filter our reports on. We simply need to change the "Display Name" of the tag in the Optima Settings to label it something else. I can edit the tag, change the text and click on Save without err...