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Solved API timeout

last week I was able to log in to the API, (and still can, I can list my Refresh-Tokens) but when I try to pull my assets or inventory, I always get a Invoke-RestMethod : {"message": "Endpoint request timed out"}after 29 this an issue a...

prinand by Level 3
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Creating Dashboard for User interaction

Hi, Does Flexera One have option to create Dashboard. Where in users can come in see the Dashboard and Check there Resource/Cost Usage. or Can we create Dashboard based on the User requirements. So that User can check like What is the Cost they spent...

Solved App Portal on premise integrate with FlexeaOne

Hello App Portal expertWith the most recent shining Cloud suite FlexeraOne getting more mature, more and more small/medium size of FlexNet Manager Suite On Premise accounts are thinking moving their on premise setup to FlexeraOne to be a Saas Solutio...

Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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Help needed to fix linux agent

Hello I'm using the following command to resolve linux agentfollowing commands on server /opt/managesoft/bin/mgsconfig -i /opt/managesoft/install/default.ini /opt/managesoft/bin/mgspolicy -t Machine -o DownloadRootURL=

Duplicate Serial Numbers growing!! very annoying

Hi,I'm getting increasingly frustrated with servers with the same name / IP address being imported but with different serial number.It does not matter whether it is Windows O/S or Linux, it just keeps happening!Is anyone else having this issue, seems...

Error with Custom Policy

Hi Team,We were customizing one of the custom policy which exists in flexera i.e Untagged resources. However when we try to apply the policy we were getting several compilation errors. Could you please help us in understanding the basic structure of ...