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Solved Data transmission from SaaS

Hi Flexera One Community. I'm new Flexeran from IBM. I have a question.Does FlexeraOne communicate from SaaS (IT Asset Management Cloud) to Beacon, Agent?   Best Regards, Mitsuki OHAMA

Mitsuki by Level 3
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Saas Manager and ITAM integration bring usage or not ?

Hello ITAM & Saas integration expert May I please confirm Flexera two component's integration shall bring Saas User's app access date as Usage into ITAM license ?  Pier to documentation, the impression is it should ( Saas manager user's last activity...

Screenshot 2022-09-30 180906.png Screenshot 2022-09-30 181320.png
Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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Solved Oracle Option not recognized

Hello everybody.I detect a behavior on the part of Flexera that I do not understand about the detection and use of some Oracle Option of 2 databases installed on my farm with the Real Aplication Cluster 19.cThe RAC Option is detected both as installe...

Solved Field definitions for the devices table

Hello all, I am trying to interpret data that we have stored within the devices table, but I don't understand what the fields mean and I can't find any documentation that specifically discusses this. Can someone help point me in the right direction f...

bdavis1 by Level 2
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Oracle License issues

Has anyone else noticed an issue with Oracle licensing going out of compliance for no particular reason? We have been using a third-party provide to manage our Oracle licenses and recently everything is going out of compliance (exponentially). And be...

Oracle vMWare VCenter 6.0 and Higher

In my research I noticed that Oracle on my vMWare instances they are consuming at the host level and per the documentation with Flexera this is as the tool is designed. However there is a note in the list that states to reach out Flexera Professional...

dopoku by Level 3
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About SQLServer2005 Mangement Studio Inventory

I have SQLServer2005 Mangement Studio (not a paid feature) installed on my server.However, the following screen appears in the inventory information and the application is recognized as a Commercial product.Is there a reason for this, and if anyone k...