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User License Consumption

I am looking for some best practices for User licenses, especially is a large Healthcare environment. Currently our consumption is showing a user license for the user, any tech that logs in to resolve a problem for a user, on a shared device anyone that uses the device thus throwing off consumption/compliance. In essence, the user license consumption is never accurate which defeats the purpose of using Flexera for user license compliance.  We no not have Flexera agents deployed, we use agents from other systems such as SCCM, Tanium, etc. 

What have you done that gives you the most accurate consumption for a user license? What settings have you changed in Admin, Applications, Use Rights and Rules, etc.

Appreciate any suggestions that have worked. 





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Hello, User license is not so easy in FNMS with large organisation. 

1) You can use device license just for counting, and sometime assume 1 device = 1 user

2) You can use new function "restriction by report", by creating ad hoc report on users and make focus (at license level, rectriction tab).

3) For advanced customer, you can use business adapter.