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SaaS Manager integration to SalesForce sfdc

Has anyone in the community successfully integrated SaaS Manager with SalesForce sdfc?  If so, are you able to share the details on what is needed on the SFDC side? The docs point to a regular user with access to API. Is this correct in practice? Doe...

Vmware Inventory not discovering any data

Hi All,We are in middle of a POC where Vmware inventory had to be tested from Flexera One. I followed the document and configured steps for Rule, Target and Password Manager.I have attached few screenshots, if someone can help.

Solved Download documents from Flexnet Manager Suite

How can I extract/export ALL the documents upload like Contract, Invoice or another attachment from Flexnet Manager Suite? Do we have this functionality? Or another option to avoid extract one by one. Regards

Solved Does Flexera have the ability to track Apps

There are products such as Atlassian Jira (A work management tool for all kinds of use cases, from requirements and test case management to agile software development). This type of software allows you to buy Apps from their marketplace to use with t...

mdh7768 by Level 5
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Solved Beacon Business Importer Default schedule

Hello Team,I am not able to set the time manually for the business imports in Beacon (use for FlexeraOne).It's showing the default time suggested by the beacon. Attached Default daily scheduleRuns at: Daily at 10.00 PM within 1 minute(s)...

Part No/SKU and ARL

I can see from Applications and Evidence that Flexera has the product in the ARL. How do I determine the SKU to enter in the purchase?  arl://MGS-APP-00000438927Thank you!

mdh7768 by Level 5
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