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IBM Cloud Pak VPC Unknown Product


When using the VPC metric, there's a full breakdown how many VPCs are consuming against what application; which is great. Gives great insight. However, there is a 'product' that gets added there, which states 'unknown product'. It doesn't give any consumption, but it raises questions. 

I cannot find anything in the Flexera Help about this. Has anyone encountered this? 



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Please could you provide the SKU from which you created the VPC license where you saw this happening?


Hi John, 

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you, I was on annual leave. The screenshot is from the VPC report view - where you see the VPC consumption per application. I'm not sure how the SKU is coming into play, but one of the SKUs for Cloud Pak is D20RULL.

BR Thomas

Are the devices under Unknown Product allocated to the license? If so, this is expected if the device is allocated to the license but doesn't report any of the licensed applications as installed: