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Best Practice SAM Processes

Hello friends, I hope this post finds you well. I wanted to share a link with you, which is a collection of all the SAM Charter videos we have produced over the years., David Foxen, Janet Coetzee, Kylie Fowler a...

Rory_C by Level 2
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Data Quality - Core Count

Hi all experienced Flexerers,Did any of you have some issues with reporting Computers and VM Hosts Core Counts?In fact, we have FlexNet Manager installed on our Servers  which report - among other inventories - Processors and Cores Counts as well as ...

Flexnet Agent Configuration

We tried to add [Win32_LoggedOnUser].Antecedent to wmitrack.ini but ndtrack.exe fails to run after doing so.  This ini entry is supposed to help collect Windows Logged On user information from the Flexnet Agent. We currently only collect Windows Logg...

FlexNet Manager Platform / Suite – SKU & PURL updates

**************************************************************************** Issued: July 26th , 2019 Release  # 431 for on Prem customers                   # 432 for on-Cloud customers ****************************************************************...

shuduguru by Level 7 Flexeran
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More SAM Goodness.... (What does Good SAM look like?)

What does good SAM look like?  We can offer many views at SAM Charter, but a ready-reckoner on how well you are practising SAM is attached in this two-page heat map.We've identified ten areas of operational concern, with examples at each level of mat...

Rory_C by Level 2
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FNMS 2019 R1.3 on Server 2016 Error

We are currently in the process of implementing FNMS 2019 R1.3 on Windows Server 2016 and it seems as the the "Config.ps1" powershell script is not able to verify the service account userid and credentials that will be used for the FlexNet Manager Su...

davidle by Level 7
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Solved Can't access FlexNet beacon Business Importer tab...

Hello,Has anyone else had issues with accessing the "Business Importer" tab on their FlexNet Beacon?  I can see my business adapters, but they are grayed out.  And there is an "error" above the list of my adapters:  "No local import configuration for...

Solved OS compatibility for on premise

I would like to know if FNMS 2019 R1 on-Premise is compatible with Windows server 2016 environment or not. Nowhere in the document of FNMS 2019 R1 on -premise installation.

sree335 by Level 5
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Solved Converting PVU to VPC for DB2 Workgroup Server Edition

We are wondering how to convert IBM's DB2 Workgroup Server Edition PVU Licensing to IBM's new DB2 Server Edition VPC licensing.We just received our renewal quote with this footnote:Product/Part Replacement Information Footnote(s)Current quoted produc...