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Role I Flexera Role Status for Inventory Devices

Hello Dear Community,

I would like to clarify and seek information on the device role field that is populated on the General Tab of the Inventory Device Properties Page (All Inventory).

We have servers that are inventoried via the Flexnet agent - (Flexnet Manager Suite - Last Inventory Source).

The device role is brought in as Production. I would like to understand how the agent is fetching this attribute.


Thank you

Abhilash M

(3) Replies

@Cloaky , there is nothing complicated here.

Every new Inventory Device that is created in FNMS will get the default device role of "Production".  It does not matter if this was via the FlexNet Agent, it it came in from an inventory such such as SCCM, or even a flat file import.

A separate process should be used to make sure that the correct Device Role is assigned to your servers via a Business Adapter.  A typical source of Device Roles would be your CMDB.


@kclausen  & @kathy_allen  Thank you for the valuable response that is shared here.

Based on the FNMS Online Help, Production is the default role assigned and you can change if you like to one of the other options.

When in the General Tab of the Device properties, select the ? in the upper right corner and the online help should open for that specific tab.