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Easy steps for collecting Oracle data by the agent


Does one you have some easy checklist/steps what to check if an agent doesn't collect the Oracle Instance data.

A simple checklist would be very helpful to send to the administrators of the server and Database. In our environment most of Oracle DBs are running on Linux.

Many Thanks


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Hi @FrankvH 

If you installed an agent on server, and you suspect that oracle are not gathered correctly, you should create a custom report and search for Oracle unspecified version. This will give you a list of server that need to be troubleshooting, please see bellow article

I created a custom report like this one, please see attached file. 

Based on that list you can check in all discovered devices and see what error is returning the server, so that you can troubleshoot further.

Also you can check the tracker.log from server to see what error are returned for oracle.


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@FrankvH , the primary reason why the FlexNet Agent would not be able to capture Oracle Inventory is because the database instance has been "locked down" by the DBA and does not allow OS Authentication.

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Yes, that is a reason, other reasons can be that the Database is stopped, and can't access them

Oracle is not correctly uninstalled from server, how ever there are a lot of reasons. That's why you need to identify the servers that have unspecified edition for oracle, and check the log files and in all discovery device  you search for the server and see what error is returned by local audit. Based on that the Oracle team should be able to solve the problem.

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