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Sharing Dashboards Permissions Error (Flexera Analytics)


I have created a Dashboard that I want to share with my team and when they click on the link, the error message below is generated:

"The metadata for 'Flexera Data Models - Software Asset Management' did not load. Please contact your administrator for details".

I have also verified that the users have the appropriate permissions within FNMP (Administrator, Analytics User).

Any advice would be appreciated.


- David


(3) Replies

Are the other users trying to click directly on the link that you sent them before logging into FNMS?

If yes, then have them try to log into FNMS, go into Analytics, and then click on the link.

A different error message is generated now:

"Unable to load requested view. Displaying home view instead".

Attached is the screenshot of the error.


- David


If you're still having issues I suggest that you open a support ticket to request assistance on further troubleshooting.