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Nutanix VMWare wrong serial


We are using for a few of the VMwares from the manufacturer Nutanix. From the Vcenter inventory we receive the wrong serial number for the host (All: Refer to PRISM).

Apparently this is a known issue as for Nutanix the serialnumber is stored somewhere else.

Does one of you experience the same? And did you have a solution for this?



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Hi @FrankvH, you are not alone

I have also encountered this at a client.  The only confirmation I have is that Service Now Discovery also discovers the "Refer to Prism" Serial number.  I have no confirmed resolution on the matter.


Thanks Nico,

Happy to hear we are not alone 🙂 Maybe somebody else have a solution.



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Level 14 Flexeran
Level 14 Flexeran

FlexNet Manager is only showing the Nutanix Serial Number that is being reported by the VMware SDK.


I suggest you report this as a bug to VMware, and or attempt to find a solution in the VMware customer community and forums.



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