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All Applications list

Hello, I'm curious how the data in the 'All Applications' list gets populated.  Someone mentioned to me that it comes from Technopedia.  Does it get updated periodically, and if so how often? Thanks!Doug

Discrepancy between Created date and Last inventory data

Hi, I have an FNMS cloud customer who has identified approx 1700 where the created date is > than the last inventory date. The following link has been shared with the customer:

baherne by Flexera Alumni
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Running Oracle List of Commands

We received and email that there are downloads of the Oracle VirtualBox Extension, but the list Oracle provided does not show email address. I asked them how to get that information, and they sent me an attachment (attached to this post) with differe...

amanjac by Level 2
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License allocation

Is there a report in FNMS you can run to find all inactive users or devices that are allocated to a license?

Java license configuration

Has anyone found a good way to build the server and desktop licenses for Oracle Java?Really do not want to do 1000's of exceptions in two different licenses. And no, my part numbers do not recommend a solution. Thanks,Jeff

Not able to run query on Flexera Database

Users are not able to view data from database side even after setting the session context property as mentioned below:Query 1:select * from ComplianceOperator where operatorlogin like '%AP_FNMS_INTEGRATION%' Query 2:exec SetSessionContext <enter the ...

Removed application not reflecting in FNMS R2018R1

Hello,Recently we have found out that when they remove an application on a server is not reflecting back in FNMS.  The agents are reporting back properly but the removed application is not removed in FNMS. So far I could make this work by removing th...

FrankvH by Level 6
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IBM PVU table

Is there a link or copy of the IBM PVU points table being used to calculate PVU usage for each specific machine, core etc?  I see the PVU points per core in the PVU report.  Thanks.

kfarris by Level 2
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