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Flexera and OCS agents

My organisation is implementing Flexera and we have OCS agents installed on all our servers.

I have read that OCS is one of the data sources for Flexera (

We would like to use Flexera in combination with the OCS agents so that we don't have to install Flexera agents or scanners.

Is that possible? Does anyone have experience?

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The page you have linked to there is discussing Flexera's Normalize product. This forum covers topics related to the FlexNet Manager Suite product, which is a different product. You can find information about data sources supported out of the box by FlexNet Manager Suite here: FlexNet Manager Suite System Requirements and Compatibility > Compatibility with Other Products

OCS is not supported as a data source out of the box by FlexNet Manager Suite. It may be possible to configure this as a custom integration.

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Thank you for your quick reply!

You say: OCS is supported as a data source out of the box by FlexNet Manager Suite. 

That sounds very promising. But I don't find it in that link you sent.

Any idea if this has been done before and how well you Assets can be managed by using OCS agents instead of Flexera agents or scanners?


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I believe that the reply from Chris has a typo.  FlexNet Manager does NOT have a productized integration to OCS.  You can either engage with Flexera to have Services create a custom inventory adapter or attempt to use the Flat File Inventory templates.

Thank you!

Are there specifications available for such a custom inventory adaptor?

And where can I find the flat file inventory templates? How can they be imported into the flexnet manager?

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Do you have the Inventory Adapter Studio installed? You can create a new generic adapter within it. The import steps to be changed will be marked within the tool. They will contain detailed comments about what to change and what target data type is needed.

The tempplate for this process is usually stored under "C:\ProgramData\Flexera Software\Compliance\ImportProcedures\AdapterStudioTemplates\Generic\".

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