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Oracle Server Worksheet

I'm not understanding the definition of "Number of Licenses in Use" in the FNMS online help information for OSW.  Why do I see 0 on many entries when I would expect to see some liceneses in use.  Does anyone know what would cause this?Thanks,Shelby

License and Inventory device with application tab creation

Hello Dear Community,Background: I work on the FNMS cloud solution.I am on a sail to create licenses in Flexera via the business adapter studio - Any tips on this approach would be greatly appreciated - Right now, I am focusing on the OOTB csv templa...

Cloaky by Level 7
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Inventorying Oracle DB's Without smon

Has anyone had any experience with Oracle introspection on databases that don't have smon enabled? I know the agent looks for asm_smon or ora_smon to identify the user running the instance, but if the databases don't have smon enabled is there any ot...

Access or Update FNMS Cloud Data using PowerShell

Is it possible to run a PowerShell script that will update records in the FNMS cloud?  We are trying to automate as many things as possible.  Some of the things that we want to automate include setting the Active/Ignored inventory flag, and setting t...

Differentiate Oracle JDK with Open JDK

I was wondering if anybody else came across such requirement to Identify and differentiate Oracle JDK (which is licensable now) vs Open JDK or any other java flavour with their installion path with in the envirnoment which is either bundled with othe...

Export Compliance Issue

Hi there,A customer who we created an account for, after our internal, clear export compliance screen is getting the a message to say they cannot download software as they are potentially non-compliant.Can anybody suggest how to get round this?Thanks...

ogordon by Level 2
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Flexera 2019 R2 Inventory Records not getting deleted

Dear  Comunity,Durin this year, we have been experiencing some strange situations. We have currently upgraded into FNMS 2019 R2 on Premise.Before those upgrades we were able to delete devices from UI with success, and if the device wouldnt report bac...