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Import & Reconcile duration more than 12 hours

Hi All,

I curiously wondering as How many of us have their Import and reconcile jobs execution running beyond 12 hours or more.

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Hi @nagaeendra ,

It's your implementation on prem or on cloud solution?

12 hours seems to be a lot of time, but also depend on how many devices you have.

In my implementation on prem with around 114.000 devices take aprox 3 hours to do the reconcile with import. May be you can check with your DBA to see if your SQL server is not under optimum capacity.


Hi @adrian_ritz1 

Thank you  for your response

Yes, we have a on-prem setup on 2019 R2 now and about 19K devices. 

So comparatively we have lesser devices than the one you quoted with approx 3 hours . 

Interesting, so is that an out of the box setup or you have any customization for file evidence / any custom importer  in place .

And What in the SQL can i have the DBA look into any suggestions   

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Hi @nagaeendra ,

To find out which task is consuming this time when you do the reconcile, please go to batch servers and check the import log files, 

They should be in c:\programdata\Flexera Software\compliance\logging\compliancereader

Search the import log file (importer), you will have a lot of them, usually search the bigger one. In that log file you will find the compliance import log file, search for the tasks that are consuming a lot of time.

I checked today, and my last compliance took around 1 hour and 20 min.

I have no customization in place around file evidence.

Also how is your environment set up? 1 batch server, iis and 1 SQL server, or all of them on the same machine. Is the SQL server correctly sized?


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In my option the depends on the sort of systems you have.  We have two instances of Flexera. one primarily windows (Call it instance 1) and the other primarily non-windows.  The non-windows instance (Call it Instance 2) takes a lot of time.   This IMO is because of two reasons. While the number of systems in Instance 2 is lower, these are primarily non[windows servers. We do a comprehensive data collection, and there are loads of File Evidences which results in wildcard FilePath matching etc, which are time consuming activities.  The other instance is primarily windows systems, and that works much faster. 


We also have different architectures.  Instance 2 has Application/Inventory/Batch on one server and DB on another. Instance 1 has individual servers for App/Batch/Inventory. 

We are looking at ways of reducing time taken on instance 2. Use individual servers is one option. Increasing the resources is another

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