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Solved FNMPDataWarehouse stopped running

Running FlexNet Manager Suite 2020 R2Noticed FNMPDataWarehouse has not run since 14/10/2021 in System Tasks.Any advise how to diagnose why it has stopped running?Not sure which logs to check.ThanksGopal 

Reminder: November SAM Best Practices Webinar Software Metering and Usage in FNMS on Monday Nov 15th 10:00 AM US Central

Announcements are posted in the Flexera Community Hub. Here are the details. Application usage is useful for desktop and online application and allows to determine an optimization path: Remove the application or stop the subscription. Usage is als...

nrousseau1 by Level 10 Champion
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Verify application server configuration

Hi all,I have to verify the configuration of FNMS system after installing. Where can I find those value (like in the picture)? I've found the WebUI > web.config but nothing. And on beacon and cognos server, except FlexNet Beacon window and IBM Cognos...

Screenshot (2040).png

Solved Can FNMS recognize which Oracle DB instance is under RAC?

Hi Everyone,From the FNMS inventory perspective, can FNMS recognize which Oracle DB instance is under RAC(Real Application Cluster) or just a single instance?If yes, where can we differentiate it in the FNMS WebUI?Much appreciated if anyone can shed ...

Solved Server vs Computer Device Type in Active Inventory

Is there a way to differentiate between Client vs. Server in the Active Inventory page? (Inventory Device Type)I noticed we have servers listed as "Computer". The Licensing page has a specific count of where it classifies items as server (to count se...

Solved Encryption of DB backups in Cloud platform

Hi Flexera,We have a question from security team that How is the daily DB snapshot encrypted before it is uploaded to AWS S3, if so where are the keys held and how will they be managed (rotation, destruction etc.)Can someone help how this is taken ca...

winvarma by Level 10
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Roles in FNMS

Dear Community, I have been working on customizing the roles in my UAT instance. I made some changes to the default "Operator" role and reverted them. All the changes were reflected as expected. The issue was when I brought it back to default.Default...

sanbeam by Level 5
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