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URL security for data transfer from Beacon to Flexera cloud

Hi Forum,

We have to explain how secured the URL's we are using for connecting the Beacon to cloud for data transfer from On Prem DC.( 

The batch server:

Inventory server (for FlexNet inventory scanner and inventory agent data):

Customer is requesting how safe the urls are for allowing data if allowed to transfer to cloud. 

Please suggest if you have faced this kind of questions from customer.

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It's not completely clear to me which level of detail that your customer needs in this context, but you can start by referring to How to setup https (SSL/TLS) to secure and encrypt internal FNMS communication between Agents, Beacons and the Application Server and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.1 & 1.2 Configuration 

If this isn't sufficient then I suggest that you reach out to your Flexera alliance manager to request further information and also elaborate a bit more on what is meant by "how safe the urls are..."