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Can Flexera create an KB article explain in detail what ndtrack is executing and why

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Dear Flexera,

Years ago FNMS agent ndtrack.exe and sh where only scanning HW and Software. These days, we have Oracle scanning, trying to acces google cloud provider, sql scanning and java detection. And not to forget IBM.

The more the agent does, the more suspicious it gets for example it is trying to go to and it seems to try to execute the java binary to read the version of java.

It would be good if Flexera can create an KB article explaining in detail what every step does and why. This article should be maintained so that customer can use it to understand what the agent does, but also to validate if the agent behavior is suspicies or not.  This helps customers create more understanding and removes ndtrack out of the blackbox image that is doing Lots of stuff that might harm the system or not.(With Root rights)

Also it would help with understanding of issues like these:

Thanks and Regards



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Hi @Ronny_OO7 ,

This may not be exactly what you are asking for, but there is one article that provide more information what agent does and why does it need root access: Please see if this helps you.



Hi Alpesh,

Thanks, but it is like you stated unfortunate this is information I already knew. 

It is really the described details that customers are looking for.