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Adding A New Publisher

HelloNew to Flexera and need to know what to do when a publisher is not in FlexNet One library of publishers?Do they need to be added by Flexera in order to properly track or can I add a publisher?Thanks,Kristin

khanke by Level 3
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Flexera One Basic architecture for SAM Project

Hi allI'm new in Flexera One, since I always used Flexnet Manager on premise in previous projects.What I need now for a new customer is an help on a basic architecture, meaning that usually in premise we have one machine with the Main FNMS Sever and ...

marcog by Level 8
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Solved Automated IT Vis data Export

Does anyone know if it is possible (or has figured out) to automate a data export from IT Visibility to a shared location?  I have a customer that wants an automated scheduled export of data to use for BI reporting.  Not sure if it is even possible u...

Alerts on Inventory Issues Report

Hi,Trying to get more info on the alert 'Device Has Been Replaced' within the Inventory Issues report as this is one of the tasks Flexera states to monitor.Currently we only have one device with this alert. Can you tell me what this alert means and h...

custom inventory importer documentation

Hi, i'm looking for comprehensive documentation of the custom inventory importer ingest jsonl format, but could not find detailed information, only some samples without description of the available fields and types.

niwred by Level 2
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Filtering Non Out of the Box Okta SSO Data in SaaS Manager

Unfiltered User Login Data for Non-Out of the Box Products using Okta SSO integrated with SaaS ManagerRecently integrated our Okta SSO into Flexera One SaaS Manager Now we have a lot of the raw unfiltered data from Okta SSO non-out of the box product...


Installation of Flexera Agent on Azure VMSS or AKS

All,We have several Azure VMSS and AKS in place and assuming Flexera Agent will assist on tracking the license usage of nodes and instance.  How do you install and apply the agent to a VM scale set or AKS services since the nodes/instance may get sca...

fugwoc by Level 2
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