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Solved Field definitions for the devices table

Hello all, I am trying to interpret data that we have stored within the devices table, but I don't understand what the fields mean and I can't find any documentation that specifically discusses this. Can someone help point me in the right direction f...

bdavis1 by Level 2
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Oracle License issues

Has anyone else noticed an issue with Oracle licensing going out of compliance for no particular reason? We have been using a third-party provide to manage our Oracle licenses and recently everything is going out of compliance (exponentially). And be...

Oracle vMWare VCenter 6.0 and Higher

In my research I noticed that Oracle on my vMWare instances they are consuming at the host level and per the documentation with Flexera this is as the tool is designed. However there is a note in the list that states to reach out Flexera Professional...

dopoku by Level 3
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About SQLServer2005 Mangement Studio Inventory

I have SQLServer2005 Mangement Studio (not a paid feature) installed on my server.However, the following screen appears in the inventory information and the application is recognized as a Commercial product.Is there a reason for this, and if anyone k...


Solved Oracle Java Subscription - Effective License Positions

New FlexeraOne customer with the task of identifying and associating applications to Oracle Java SE Subscription licenses to desktop (named user) licenses and server processor licenses. Has anyone had success applying allocations (by OS or device) wi...

detoto by Level 2
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Solved .XML file type not shown in file evidence

Hello! I was asked about why a certain file of type .xml which has been verified to exist on the device was not being shown under the file evidence for a Linux device while many other files from that file path were being shown.  I checked a couple mo...

Update on SKU search functionality?

I noted in the Ideas Portal that there are several Ideas raised to have some sort of SKU search functionality added to the licensing interface.  An update in February suggested this was being investigated as to how and when it could be implemented. I...