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Why is Active Users = 0 for my managed SaaS applications?

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

I’ve setup the following Managed SaaS applications

  • Adobe
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft 365

However, when it comes to active users it's not populating. All the apps show "0" active users:


Is there something I am missing or need to do?

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Hi - as an initial question, what do you have the activity threshold set to for each of those apps?

In addition this article may be useful here.


By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Hi @ChrisG , @aswindells 

My experience of this  active users number is  the product always fills the number gradually once the application is setup.  In other words, say if the app connection is established today, it doesn't show any users if logged in yesterday. 

Please correct me if the truth is not the case.

Best Regards


Hi everyone, 

So i am actually the one with this issue. 

All SAAS application thresholds are set to 15days. 
We've had the SAAS management setup for about a week now, and still no activity is populating.


Hi @jjmcnabnz 

You won't see any activity data for Creative Cloud in SaaS Manager because Adobe don't provide this data.  Unfortunately this will always remain at zero without alternative data collection and customisation.

The Office 365 integration is deprecated and has been replaced by the Microsoft 365 (M365) integration.  You don't need both.  It won't explain the activity issue but it is one less integration to worry about.

For M365 did you check the 'Application Access' integration task box when setting up the integration?  It's not checked by default. 

I'd also check the permissions given to the M365 account that you are using for the integration.  For activity data (Application Access) you need to grant the AuditLog.Read.All and Reports.Read.All permissions.  This would usually present itself as an 'error' in the Integration tab of the M365 application but still worth checking.

To validate this, are you seeing any Last Activity dates in the Users tab for M365?  If there are no dates populated it suggests an issue with the integration task. 



Hi - thanks for confirming the activity threshold.

Could you check the status of the integration tasks and in particular the Application Access one. This can be viewed by drilling into the apps and navigating to the Integration tab.

Note not all managed applications support activity so you won't see this for all of the items in your list. The M365 managed application is a good place to start.

Let me know and I will get our support team involved if required.



There can be multiple reasons why the number of active users reported by SaaS mgt. is 0:

  • The SaaS vendor portal API doesn't provide user activity data (Adobe Creative Cloud is an example)
  • The SaaS mgt. integration 'Application Access' task is either not enabled or failing: Capture.PNG
  • The app's activity threshold (as discussed by Andrew above) but normally you will see activity data next day after a successful 'Application Access' task execution.