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Consumed entitlement

Hello,I would like to understand why entitlements on Licence properties tab include inactive users while when i click on consumption tab for the same licence it tells me the licence is not being allocated to inactive users and the consumption count i...

Gold Image and Flexnet agent documentation

Hi , I have a customer that is looking for any Flexera documentation with regards to the addition of the Flexnet agent to a Gold image for Windows or any other OS, is there something like this, can someone point me in the right direction?

Flexera One security information

Goodafternoon,I was wondering where we can find any information concerning the security around Flexera One. This mainly applies for the questions we could receive from customers who are interested in Flexera One and need to be aware of the security a...

Solved SaaS Manager Reclaim Email Notification Domain

Hello, Does anyone know the email domain that the SaaS Manager license reclaim notification email comes from?

Solved Tracking APIs in FlexeraOne

How are folks tracking  purchased APIs that are part of the total software solution in FlexeraOne SaaS edition (not SaaS manager)?The SKU is not recognized in the ARL. I am noting this as a purchase and a "service" license  type since consumption can...

mdh7768 by Level 5
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Solved Setting up discovery when Software not in the ARL

I have a  perpetual software license that is device based. It is installed on a device with VMware. There is nothing in evidence for this software. Is there anyway to set up evidence based on device only without creating a custom metric with manual c...

mdh7768 by Level 5
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Solved Applications Properties History questions

Can anyone help me understand why there seems to be continual linking and unlinking and why the history shows actions from unmanaged to Inactive in the attached file?Applications & Evidence/Applications/All Applications/Application Properties

mdh7768 by Level 5
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