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Best Practices for Managing Contracts in Flexera One

Looking for feedback on best practices when managing contracts from FlexeraOne. What is the recommendation for managing “Global Amount”  in the Master Contract where you have a several sub-contracts/amendments that are tied to a Master ID for multipl...

jbursch1 by Level 5 Flexeran
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How implement Flexera Cloud cost optimization

Hi every one, I am new in Flexera. How I implemnet a Flexera Cost SaaS service for a customer? For example: Where I can buy Flexera SaaS service? What are the professional service for implement Flexera Copst Optimization? How many time can I spend im...

Solved Google Chrome Full version details

Hello there,I was trying hard to find the full version of Chrome that is installed for our users.When you look into Google Chrome 106 Evidence, it just says, it takes the version 106.0.% for recognition.Is there a way to report on the actual version/...

SaaS Manager User Updates

1.  Added new user to Visio Plan 2 over 24 hours ago and still not showing up in user list in SaaS Manager for the Visio license. 2.  Reqeusted 3 users that were showing inactiive use for Visio Plan 2 to access the application over 24 hours ago; reco...

Inactive User

What is the criteria for Inactive Employee status?  Is an employee marked inactive based on data received from customer (us), or are employees determined to be inactive employees based on any criteria such as non-use for a certain period of time? I'm...

Solved Business adapter migration to new beacon

We are building new beacon servers.  We have a GTM that manages inventory connections, so we are not concerned with that part of the migration.  However, the business adapters may be a different story. Can the xml in \ProgramData\Flexera Software\Bea...

Solved IBM Digitally Signed Package - Reporting

Does anyone know how to access the "IBM Audit Report Package"?  I've been told there is a report we can access by clicking on the "download the IBM Audit report" hyperlink - which isn't a hyperlink to access this report. I'm attaching a screenshot of...