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Solved Licenses: use rights & rules: exemptions

When setting up some of our licenses we have noticed that some license types appear to allow for license exemptions while others do not have to have that section included in the use rights & rules section of the license. Is there  a document or some ...

Adobe Acrobat 1

I've got a client where I'm seeing the following within the inventory data:Product:Acrobat Publisher:Adobe Version:1 Edition:Unspecified Name:Acrobat 1 Source:Flexera Flexera ID:arl://MGS-APP-00000178720This doesn't indicate much about what's actuall...

JamesPH by Level 2
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Software Usage Expert

We would like to understand the raw software usage table better.  As the admin I been asked the following question: If we go to Raw Software Usage and look for "Eclipse," I see lots of hits.  The Software Name column appears to be Installer Evidence ...

shill2 by Level 6
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Tripwire Axon Agent

Hi Team, I have a potential software recognition issue with the application Tripwire Axon Agent. There seems to have been a change based on the document attached, where they seem to have gone from version 8.X.X.X to version 3.X.XHowever, in Flexera b...

License Assessment Reason Does Not Make Sense

I have come across several MS SQL servers where Flexera is applying both a SQL Server Enterprise and a SQL Server Standard license to the same device (i.e. double licensing it). This occurs when the server has multiple SQL Server applications install...

Adobe Pro DC Integration with SaaS

Hello,Can you support me with the below. Support is not able to answer and the account team has escalated this question to no avail. Screen Shots attached.Flexera set up our initial integration for Adobe CC, which works fine after I refreshed the tok...

Solved O365 and SaaS model

Hi,I am new to SaaS model; can you please help me on understand below scenario With the O365 Intergration, all license information, and usage will be available in SaaS model. but is this data available in License summary?  or do we need to create lic...

Solved Acrobat DC 2021 & 2022

I have noticed that Discovered Evidence for Adobe Acrobat DC versions 21 & 22 are pointing to the Acrobat Reader DC (2021) and Acrobat Reader DC (2022).  Why are these not pointing to Acrobat DC (2021) Continuous and Acrobat DC (2022) Continuous?  I'...