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Adobe Pro DC Integration with SaaS


Can you support me with the below. Support is not able to answer and the account team has escalated this question to no avail. Screen Shots attached.

  1. Flexera set up our initial integration for Adobe CC, which works fine after I refreshed the token and Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC was set up as a separate SaaS integration in SaaS manager. (again - set up by Flexera but we were never provided documentation on how it was set up and has its own Adobe portal, separate from Adobe CC). This integration stopped about 6 months and needed a refreshed token. However, the instructions in Flexera only provide the integration steps for Adobe CC, not Adobe acrobat Pro DC.
  3. I was told by Josh (Flexera Support) to set it up as a regular license (outside of SaaS manager). I tried that but Flexera changed the Status from Active to retired, even though it does not expire until 12/28/23. See below history. Additionally, even though I allocated the purchase order to the License, the entitlements are not contributing as it states it is managed directly from an inventory source (but there is no further explanation of how to find that source and how to fix it) 

Please see attached scenario.

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Good afternoon MDH, I hope you're well?

I've reached out to the ongoing case owner regarding this thread, and my thoughts on its' current state. 

Looking at the History tables, I can see your Acrobat license was flagged as Retired as part of Reconciliation a couple of days ago.
Looking at the staging tables for incoming Software Licenses from SaaS, I don't see a corresponding record for your Acrobat license - hence this being flagged as Retired, I suspect, it's no longer present in the data source.
I've also got a corresponding SaaS Manager License ID, so I've reached out to clarify whether this is still present on the SaaS module.

I'm conscious this has not yet been rectified by Support, and have reached out internally to offer additional resources as needed.

Best regards,

Flexera Support

Hello. The Flexera rep told me it should have been set up as a perpetual license outside (noted in the case) of SaaS so it was deleted. Can you tell me how to get that re-set up? The  Adobe instructions in Flexera only provide detail for Adobe CC. There is a separate portal for Adobe Pro DC. I don't find a unique developer portal to set up credentials as I did with Adobe CC. Can you shed some light on that. As you can see from below he is asking me to click the link which is the Flexera SaaS manager. When I click "Here" nothing happens after refresh.  

The support rep that contacted me again (Josh is asking me to It looks like we've detected some extra licenses on your Creative Cloud integration and the system is waiting for input to import them. If you browse here, you will see it: - "Users with the following licenses have been detected: Adobe Audition, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro DC, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Photoshop, Premiere Pro - Click here to add these licenses for tracking".

Could you try doing that in the provided link and let me know if the licenses are importing?