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Solved Inventory device has evidence but no linked applications

I'm seeing an issue with one of my devices where the device shows up-to-date evidence and the "Recognized Application" column is populated for several entries under the Evidence tab in Inventory Device Properties. However, when I check the Applicatio...

Solved Assign Administrator role to yourself

Hello All,I want to assign myself the administrator role in FNMS, but I cannot do it via WebUI as I am the only administrator. How can I do it via database? I have added my account, I only need to assign it a role. Thanks & Regards,Nidhi

M365 connector imports UPN(UserPrincipalName) or Email

Hi All,I have recently noticed M365 email id present in All users is not matching with emailid in Azure. But it matches with username\UserPrincipalName.Does M365  imports Email id or UserPrincipalName? If it is importing UserPrincipalName why it is n...

Unlicensed installations

Can someone help me understand why some installs are licensed and some fall into the unlicensed installations count? I understand if the license is Named User and the installs are not allocated. I've checked some unlicensed installs and verified the ...

Does ManageSoftRL use mgsimport.exe?

Hi,I am seeing that, while importing inventories via scheduled task, incoming inventories (to be processed directly) are put to BadLogs. These files import just fine when later imported manually.My assumption is that while the executable (mgsimport.e...

mfranz by Level 17 Champion
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Solved FNMS Inventory Agent config corrupt

This is how the corrupt config.ini looks and thes agent would fall into Out of Date Inventory and will never be able to get policy update or upload inventory initially i thought it was just missing Download and Upload server info but, since the confi...