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License object Consumption issues

  • I have configured a license object with several software titles.  Same software and vendor, but different versions or displayed names.  Upgrade and downgrade rights have been allowed.  The license metric is Processor. 
  • The server shows up in the consumption tab, but the consumed and calculated consumption is 0. 
    • The device shows Allocation type = allocated.
    • Installed = yes
      • inventory view applications show the software with a license link
      • the license tab reflects the device
      • evidence shows install
    • There is no exception reason.
    • The assessment details show "Allocation of a license entitlement to this device triggers automatic consumption"
  • The consumed count does not include them.
  • The overidden consumption does not show up in the calculated consumption.
    what am i missing?

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Flexera Alumni

Does the device have a non-zero amount for Number of Processors?

Is this a Virtual Machine?  What are the settings on the Use Rights for Virtual Machines and Hosts?

One other point to consider (to expand on the points noted by @kclausen) :

Is this server a physical host with virtual machines running on it, where one or more of the virtual machine inventory device records are missing processor count details?

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I have both Physical and Virtual machines. Physical 1x8core that shows up in the consumption detail. The consumed and calculated consumed say 0. Tried to override by adding 1 to the overridden consumption. Consumed and calculated consumed did not increment and neither did the total consumed. The installed column says yes with no exemption reason.

Virtual machine 12 processor shows up in the consumption detail. The consumed and Calculated consumed say 0.

Use rights for Virtual Machines and hosts = no special virtualization rights.
Allocations consume license entitlements.
Upgrade to latest version and downgrade rights to any version any edition

The Application Licenses Assessed shows consumed. Allocation of a license entitlement to this device triggers automatic consumption.
The processor detail show up in inventory as expected. They just are not consuming even though they are in the consumption tab.

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@scott_thornhill - Is the license metric Processor or Processor Points?   If it is processor points, then on the Identification tab of the license you need to assign a specific Point Rule table.  If there is no Point Rule table assigned, FNMS cannot calculate the consumption and it will be zero.

If your license is a vanilla Processor license, then sharing some screen shots would help:

1) Make sure that on the Consumption tab, you have the following columns (Processors, Consumed, Installed) and share that

2) On the Use Rights tab, show the Rights on Virtual Machines and Hosts

3) If this license is a Product Bundle, then show the Upgrade/Downgrade rights

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in #1 you can see that the vm is calculating 0 and consuming 0, but has 1 processor and 4 cores.  it is installed and allocated.  
the next 2 down are consuming because of allocation even when the software is not installed. (will remove those 2 after this post, but left them in to show it works for some and not others).

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@scott_thornhill - The only thing strange that I see is that when you look at the VM that has 0 consumption, the Resource Pool that the VM is under has 0 Processor and 0 Cores.  My guess is that since the VM is in Pool, it may be trying to calculate PVU Consumption based on the capacity of the Pool, which has no Processor/Core counts.

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It is just not consistent though. on this one the only one that does it is Windows.  the 2 RHEL have proper counts.
when i look at that server it does show up with good inventory, software installed, and a relationship under the licensing tab.

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On your original image from the Consumption tab, the VM that has no consumption is linked to a Pool with 0 cores.

The other 2 VMs that are consuming are linked directly to a Host, they are not linked to a Pool.

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the first one had a resource pool with 0 cores and no consumption.  
the second post with a resource pool of 0 cores has consumption of 1 for a 1 processor configuration.  showing that the resource pool with 0 isnt the issue.

it also shows that installed is not the issue as first one says installed yes, but 0 consumption where the second picture shows no for installed but consumption.  both with resource pool 0 and allocated set.

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