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Adding High Availability HA Database to FNMS Instance

Dear ALl, 

We have been asked to add an HA database to our Flexera instance.  Can you suggest what will be the way to go about it? Is there any documentation available for the same?


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@flexeranoob - This should be transparent to your FNMS Application and would be configured by your SQL Server DBA.  Here is an example documentation of configuring SQL Server for high availability.

Most organizations do not consider FNMS as a critical business application with the need for a HA database.

Thnk you for your response.  Actually, i should have elaborated.  The requirement is slightly different.  The request is move the DB to a new DB, which will have HA.  They will be able to create/replicate the DB with HA, but how do I change the application to look at the new DB.  Is there a UI console where I can make these changes?

And tell me about Flexera not being Business critical. That make me also not being business critical 😞


You may want to refer to some of the other community threads related to this topic of migrating, like FNMS 2018 R1 - Cloning Prod to Dev and Migrate Data from FNMS 2017R3 to new FNMS 2019 (not upgrade)