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Spider Data Collector inactive error

check database The EDCMonitor checks the Recognition database; if the CustomerName/CustomerID exists. If yes, the entry will be set to ACTIVE or stays activeIf the customer hasn’t been found, the entry will be set to INACTIVE     SELECT DISTINCT [Cus...

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how to display a report that is not visible

Roles the reason why you cannot see the report is most likely that you are logged on as a user who has not got permission to see the report. Permissions are allocated to the Roles which are associated with a user. To check this go to System – Users –...

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Installing the Columbus Inventory Scanner on OSX

Installing the Columbus Inventory Scanner on Mac OS You will need to customise the ColumbusInventoryScanner.tar file before continuing to ensure that the parameters are set for you environment. If you are deploying to the same configuration to mult...

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EN/DE Asset custom fields "Bulk operation"

English Some manually maintained Asset types may have custom fields. For example, mobile device may have "IMEI 2" as some mobile devices have dual SIM capability. When Importing with the excel solution, you may find that the custom field is missing. ...

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EN/DE Removal of old Data Collectors from Spider

Symptoms: Remnants of Inactive and obsolete Spider Data Collectors visible in Spider Web UI Info and Settings. Diagnosis: Findings of Data Collectors with "Inactive" or "Last contact more than four hours ago". Despite the Server being obsolete, ei...

Spider 6.4 Technical Reference Manual

Download the Spider 6.4 Technical Reference Manual here . (in German) 1 General1.1 Typographical conventions1.2 Help1.2.1 Support1.2.2 Documentation1.2.3 Training 2 Introduction2.1 Chronological order for new installations 3 GDPR requirements in Spi...

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Spider Cache Refresh

Symptoms Examples of symptoms: Filtered or unfiltered search results empty or results greater than expected. Previously configured user permissions do not make a difference. or other unexpected symptoms. Cause The cache stores data to benefit perfor...

Spider Data Collector

You can download the full Data Collector guide here (in English) or in here (in German)  Table of Contents 1 General  1.1 Typographical conventions 1.2 Help 1.2.1 Support 1.2.2 Documentation 1.2.3 Training information 1.3 Abbreviations   2 What's ne...

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How to import a License Reset File

Summary Due to some circumstances the license has to be reset. This article explains how to do this. Discussion Send your most recent license file to technical support with an explanation why you want to reset your license.brainwaregroup support then...

Troubleshooting Spider Software Recognition upload

SummaryIf you are being informed that your data hasn't been arriving in the Spider Recognition Center this article provides steps to resolve..SymptomsYou are getting informed that your data hasn't been arriving in the Spider Recognition Center for a ...

How to show detailed error information in Spider

SummaryThis article provides steps for enabling detailed error information.SynopsisUnder certain circumstances you will get the following Spider error: Error in application There is an unspecified error. Please contact your administrator. In thi...

Spider report invalid product version

SummaryThe setup reports about an invalid product version.SymptomsThe Spider setup reports about an invalid product version.CauseThe setup checks to make sure you do not attempt a downgrade.ResolutionPlease check if there is a newer version of the pr...

How to a search for metering data in Spider

Summary This article provides steps to allow searching for metering data. Synopsis This article discusses how to search for software that has metering data in Spider.   Discussion By default, viewing Metering data is disabled to comply with data prot...

How to get Spider System Information

Summary This article explains how to get summarized information about your Spider LCM system for analysis. Synopsis You want to get summarized informations about your Spider LCM system to send to the support for analysis.   Discussion Follow these st...