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Examples of symptoms:

  1. Filtered or unfiltered search results empty or results greater than expected. 
  2. Previously configured user permissions do not make a difference.
  3. or other unexpected symptoms.


The cache stores data to benefit performance. Queried data output is not returned correctly, resulting in above symptoms. Some data is fetched dynamically, other data is not. This could happen in a single or multiple user scenario. The cause is related to the nature of computing. 


Clearing the cache is a fast and effective solution. It is also good practice to clear the cache regularly.

  1. The user should have the necessary permission which can be found in "Spider Core" object, the corresponding form is called "CacheRefresh".
  2. To run the Cache Refresh go to System -> Cache refresh ->  to refresh the entire Cache select "Refresh all caches" or select indivdual applications.
  3. The process usually takes a few seconds but can take up to a minute.

If this does not resolve the problem or creates a new problem, then open a support case.


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