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Sichere LDAP Verbindung in Spider einrichten

Eine gesicherte LDAP Verbindung zwischen Spider und Active Directory kann mit folgenden Schritten konfiguriert werden: In Spider auf System und dann auf Active Directories   Auf den Active Directory Namen in blau unterhalb Anmeldekontext klicken hier...

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Further Accessibility Improvements

With the Spider 6.4.7 release, further improvements for accessibility are addressed in addition to those of Spider 6.4.6. This includes several functional and design changes. Grid and table views Grid and table views can be used with the keyboard to ...

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Recurring Reminders (Email)

With the recurring reminders feature, which is available in Spider 6.4.6 and above, reminders can be sent multiple times via email. Therefore, the form configuration for resubmissions has been changed to system forms, so that the user does not need ...

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Spider Web API code examples

Code examples Code examplesAuthenticationExample: GetTokenEntitiesExample: Read an EntityExample: Create an EntityExample: Update an EntityExample: Delete an EntityObject SearchExample: SearchReportsExample: Querying a ReportMeta areaExample: Retriev...

EN/DE Removal of old Data Collectors from Spider

Symptoms: Remnants of Inactive and obsolete Spider Data Collectors visible in Spider Web UI Info and Settings. Diagnosis: Findings of Data Collectors with "Inactive" or "Last contact more than four hours ago". Despite the Server being obsolete, ei...

Spider Cache Refresh

Symptoms Examples of symptoms: Filtered or unfiltered search results empty or results greater than expected. Previously configured user permissions do not make a difference. or other unexpected symptoms. Cause The cache stores data to benefit perfor...

Set up Active Directory LDAPS and LDAP Signing

Description This article covers setting up "Secure" Active Directory connection, LDAP over SSL (LDAPS) and LDAP signing. The lab was setup with Security Options > Domain controller: LDAP server signing requirements & Network security: LDAP server si...