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Configure Proxy for YUM update on CentOS VA

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Problem: The CentOS Virtual Appliance build of the Software Vulnerability Manager allows you to configure Proxy host and port, and proxy username and password. This configuration would suffice to forward all SVM server synchronization requests throu...
by Flexera RDanailov Flexera

Ubuntu 14.04 - End Of Life

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Ubuntu 14.04 was designated End Of Life by the vendor in April 2019. There is unfortunately no upgrade path to 16.04 as running the in-built update facility will remove SVM as part of the process. Due to this, the Virtual Appliance has been rebuilt ...
by Flexera tpeacock Flexera

Advanced SVM 2019 Agent Deployment Package Configurations

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The Agent Deployment package allows configuration of variety of agent installation options that can be used to customize the agent prior to deploying the package. The command line options of the agent can be set in the script that is provided at ste...
by Flexera RDanailov Flexera