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Find Host IPs in the SVM Database Console

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Summary This article explains how SVM users can find the host IP's from the database console of the Software Vulnerability Manager solution by Flexera. Workaround Login to your SVM account and navigate to Reporting > Database Access > Database cons...
by Flexera raslam Flexera

Grant Remote Access to Root in MariaDB [On-Prem]

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Summary This guide is a simple how-to on giving remote access to the database root user to a specific host or all hosts. The scope covered in this article is specifically the creation of the user-host record in the mysql.user table, which governs log...
by rkoch Pilgrim

How to recover from a lost MySQL root password

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Summary How can you recover from a lost MySQL or MariaDB root password? Synopsis If you run into the situation where you've lost the root password for your MySQL instance the account can be recovered so long as you still have root access to the serve...
by rkoch Pilgrim

Scan results not shown at Completed Scans [SVM On-Prem]

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Summary A binding table can get corrupt due to multiple reasons which will result in empty details in the completed scans and All hosts smart groups. You may have to truncate the table and scan your machines one again to repopulate the data. This art...
by Flexera wmahmood Flexera

SVM On-Prem - 'Your Account is being Upgraded...' [Solved]

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Summary You are getting a message 'your account is currently being upgraded.' when logging-in to your account Symptoms This usually happens with the 'private database' of the server (the user database) has not been populated with all tables needed to...
by rkoch Pilgrim